This weekend went well, meaning no drama.

I focused on doing things for myself and not look for my wife’s attentions.  I tend to get caught up in thinking about how to get her attention and affection.   I worked on things that make myself happy.

We did spend some good time together with a dinner & shopping.  No heavy discussions, just enjoying each other’s company.

On Sunday, we were in the car and she was on the phone.  A new call came in on call waiting and it displayed the number on the car screen.  She didn’t switch over to it and in fact ignored it.  My mind began racing and bad scenarios raced through my head.

Once home, I struggled to ask her about it.  I finally said, “That call that came in as call waiting that you didn’t answer, is that anything I should worry about?”  She said she didn’t really notice and looked on her phone.  Her phone showed the call and how it was missed, and that it was simply one of her girlfriends.  She said, “Oh, it’s just XXX.” and then promptly called her back and chatted for 10 minutes.

I am proud of myself for being honest about my concerns and I’m proud of my wife for not being defensive and being willing to explain things to me.  It’s a little step, but I’ll take it.

Hopefully you all had a good weekend too.